CBD Vape Products

With the recent concerning news about vape-related illnesses and deaths, the importance of trusted, tested brands has never been more important. Here at ExcellentHemp, we carry only certified Vitamin E-acetate free CBD e-juices. Additionally, our research has led us to choose only vape products that provide 3rd-party lab test results of every batch of CBD vape, which is the only way to ensure consistent quality and safety in vapeable CBD oils.

At this time, we have discontinued relationships with any CBD vape brands that do not provide individual batch lab results. All of our brands and flavors must certify that their products contain absolutely no Vitamin-E or mineral oil as thickening agents in their CBD e-juice. In order to ensure that all products sold on ExcellentHemp are legal in all 50 states, we also will not sell any vapeable CBD products that include nicotine that may be restricted for sale online in certain states. Additionally, all vape products must contain THC levels below the federally-required limit of 0.3% by weight, to ensure compliance with all state laws. While we understand that this may limit some CBD vape options that customers are loyal to, our focus is on selling only the safest CBD products to our vaping clientele.

That’s why we have partnered with Avix CBD, the only vapeable e-juice on the market that meets all of these qualifications, and is backed by a 60-Day Money Back guarantee. Quality is important, and with Avix, you know you are getting the maximum concentration of CBD in a legal vape juice, with no chemical additives or thickening agents that can be harmful when heated to the temperatures of high-performance vape coils. Avix comes in 5 great flavors, and can be used in almost all modern vape devices.

CBD Vapes